AICTE to make 3 week induction program mandatory for college students


AICTE will introduce a three-week induction program for each college student . This step is taken to build a strong connect between students and the faculty. Anil Dattatraya Sahasrabudhe, chairman of All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), make this announcement while addressing the gathering at IFIM Business School’s corporate summit, Confluence.

The three week induction is to bring back the student faculty connect, said Sahasrabudhe.

How induction program work?

Sahasrabudhe informed that there will be no classes in the first three weeks of college. A set of 15 to 25 students will be assigned to a faculty member where they will engage with each student. While interacting with students, faculty will discuss with them on all sorts of topics including, choosing the subjects to exercising, Yoga, breakfasts etc. So if any problem is faced by the student at the institution, they will not hassle, like go on a strike, but speak to this faculty member for advice or suggestions. This way, students become the problem solvers for tomorrow. “Mentorship is thus, an important aspect of new age training,” said Sahastrabuddhe.

Motive of introducing the program

One of the objective of the three week induction is to engage in different art forms. According to Sahastrabuddhe, education is not just academics but improving other life skills and finer learning. “We will have classes on painting, singing or pottery and students can attend whichever class they want in the evenings. Inspirational lectures by eminent personalities and film screenings will also be the parts of this program. Other initiatives that we are working towards are the teachers training for one month, exam reforms including open book format and solving real life industry problems,” added Sahastrabuddhe.

Moreover, he stressed that the idea behind the various programs by AICTE is to channelise the ecstatic energy of millennials into productive activities.

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