“Anti-RSS” topics in DU syllabus, alleges ABVP

“Anti-RSS” topics in DU syllabus, alleges ABVP

New Delhi: A member of the Delhi University’s academic council and the BJP-linked student body, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), have alleged that the university’s syllabus comprises “anti-RSS” topics. ABVP, the RSS’ student wing, surrounded the Vice Regal Lodge at the university complex to protest against “objectionable material on the RSS” in the curriculum.

Objected raised on an update in English syllabus

A meeting held regarding the curriculum of undergraduate (UG) programmes at the campus of DU, during which a member of the academic council, Professor Rasal Singh, showed disapproval against an updation in the English syllabus. Allegedly, the update portrayed the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and its ideology in “bad light”.

He claimed that a wrong picture of the RSS and Indian culture is depicted in ‘Maniben alias Bibijaan’ by Shilpa Paralkar on the 2002 Gujarat riots, and papers like ‘Literature in Caste’ and ‘Interrogating Queerness’.

The professor also said that in political science, there was a proposal to include the study of Maoism under the social movement course, while in history, there was an attempt to include the history of Naxalism and the Left.

“There is an attempt to take the syllabus towards the Leftist ideology. All these materials are anti-RSS and against nationalism. The head of the English department should resign,” he has been quoted as saying to a national daily.

Syllabus of 4 depts. to be scrutinised and revised

As per sources, the syllabus has been passed by the academic council, but because of the objection by Mr. Singh and the ABVP, the syllabus of four departments, English, history, political science, and sociology, was referred back for revision and scrutiny.

Sources told media that protests were held by the ABVP at the Vice Regal Lodge where the meeting was being conducted. Privy to the development, a professor shared that the members of ABVP tried to barge into the vice chancellor’s office.

He alleged that the office was surrounded by them. They were shouting slogans and demanding that the heads of departments (HODs) of history and English along with Saikat Ghosh, an academic council member, be handed over to them.

“While all other syllabi were approved without discussion, the English and History syllabi were stalled by members affiliated to the BJP/RSS teachers’ group,” he told a news daily.

“When Saikat Ghosh spoke in the academic council meeting in defence of the English syllabus, immediately after that the ABVP tried to enter the Council Hall,” the professor, who didn’t wish to be named, told the media.

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