CBSE asks school principals to follow it on Twitter for latest updates

CBSE Official Twitter Handle

New Delhi, July 18: To improve its social media reach and inclusivity, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) – one of the biggest boards in India in terms of its spread, has taken a huge step. It has asked the principals and heads of schools to follow its official Twitter handle [email protected], an official notice released by the board stated. As per CBSE, this will help in efficiently circulating crucial information.

Stakeholders to get CBSE news instantly

“There are important decisions, information that the Board shares through e-mails, website notifications, notices, live and print press communications,” CBSE said in a notice. The stakeholders have been asked by the board to follow its Twitter account so that it can help them to get instant news about CBSE. Parents and students may also do the same to keep themselves informed about the latest updates from the board. The heads of schools have seen this initiative in a positive light. They have praised this idea and responded to the same without delay.

Problem of fake news to be solved

This initiative will aid CBSE in reaching out to the stakeholders as well as lessening the menace of fake news that has plagued the board in recent years. Last year only, CBSE faced the infamous ‘paper leak’ scandal. As soon as the news of paper leak was spread, innumerable messages and stories social media claiming paper leak got viral.

Creating a PR nightmare for the board, the same continued this year also. There was fake news that the board had to ask teachers and school authorities categorically to not speak with media. Fake news of paper leak continued to create problems this year even when CBSE had implemented strict measures to make paper leak impossible.

Experts say that being active on social media is the only way to counter fake news. With this, people would be helped in finding the one point of contact with the board that would result in stopping the epidemic of false information. CBSE is the only national board having the widest network of schools spread across India and abroad. More than 21,000 schools are affiliated to the board. Every year, nearly 30 lakh students take the board exams that are held by CBSE for classes 10 and 12.

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