Is It Okay To Drop Out After Class 12 To Explore Your Interest?

12th dropout

“I have severe objections to the phrase ‘to drop out’!

No. Life is not about dropping out.

Life is about ‘diving in’. Diving deep and discovering whatever one’s interests, passions and talents may be. Diving in brings in the element of positivity and growth; dropping out is very negative and puts me off.

But let’s get one thing straight, and now I am speaking as an ‘educationist’, a Trustee who is hands-on involved in the management of our Maharana Mewar Public School: education, clearing the higher secondary examinations, is a dire essential.

We don’t join a school, any school, to simply walk away from the challenge of classroom learning.

We have to, (I repeat) have to learn how to get the best out of the school education system. There will be some adjustments, some compromises but in today’s time and age, a school-leaving certificate is a must. And, I would add, so is a college degree.

Now, comes the real challenge: In case, students feel that there is no fun in classroom learning; or the ‘real’ interests lie in sports, music, dance or painting, then find a middle path. Devote the maximum time to keep alive the interest. At the same time, devote the bare minimum time to get through the school routine! You are not there to be a topper in class, just scrape through with a smile and a bow. (And parents have to learn to live with this fact!)

I firmly believe that in life, whatever be one’s age, interests and passions are supremely important. We cannot kill those interests. We have to develop them, find the mentors and tutors who can guide us to discover the finer aspects of, for example, being a good batsman or a guitarist or a vocalist. There is a process of learning in every field.

A Sachin Tendulkar even at the height of his career was learning along the way. He was making errors at the crease but his genius did not permit him to accept failures. He kept on working on his weak points and earned/learned his way to becoming a legend, and then a Bharat Ratna.

Therefore, as I said, don’t drop out of any system.

Learn to ‘dive in’ and go deep into whatever is the interest. Music is a vast ocean. Be it jazz, classical or semi-classical music. Till you don’t dive deep in, you will never find the pearls of motivation which will keep you going.

I confess I was never enamored of classroom learning.

I learnt more on the sports field, in the music sessions playing the tabla or drums. I learnt more from seniors and coaches. But I was always encouraged ‘never to drop out’.

In the process of growing up, I learnt key lessons in remaining positive.

In ‘improving myself’ and not just proving myself!

Till date, I believe in self-improvement in every stage, in every which way. If we chose this path, this journey driven by the energy of positivity, then we ‘grow through life’. And not just ‘go through life’.

All the best, dear friends, who have exams to clear and lots of books to go through. This is just a testing phase. It shall pass. Remember, the key-word is ‘pass’. There is a lot more to life than just a mark-sheet.

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