“Margdarshaks” from top IITs and NITs to Mentor Engineering Colleges

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"Margdarshaks" from top IITs and NITs to Mentor Engineering Colleges

The best brains working at IITs and NITs will work as mentors for various engineering colleges in different parts of the country. Presently, a number of engineering colleges have lagged behind in various spheres such as quality of faculty, teaching methodology and curriculum.

According to the analysis done by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), there a large number of engineering colleges which have failed to get their curriculum approved by National Board of Accreditation (NBA)and there was less emphasis on the learning outcomes as well. It is likely that at least 2,000 engineering colleges will be mentored by the margdarshaks.

Objective to have “Margdarshaks”

The AICTE decided to depute top faculty from IITs and NITs so that they can guide these engineering colleges in getting accreditation to at least half the programmes which are offered  over there by 2022.

Selection and Training of Mentors

The Ministry of Human Resource Development, the mentors who will work as “margdarshaks will be chosen from top fifty institutions which will comprise of IITs and the NITs. According to sources, such people will be selected to guide these engineering colleges who are reputed academicians, willing to travel. Retired academicians will also be selected.  The mentors will undergo a special training so that they have a clear understanding about the NBA accreditation process.

Speaking about the initiative of the MHRD, a former member of the University Grants Commission held the view that there is wide disparity among different technical institutions. While some of them excel like the IITs and the NITs, there are many others which are far behind. In order to help those institutions which do not meet the benchmark laid down by NBA, it is imperative to provide them with right kind of guidance.

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