Relaxation in Passing Criteria for CBSE Class 10 Board 2019


NEW DELHI:  In a recent notification the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) released the new relaxation made in passing criteria for class 10 boards from 2019 batch. The notification which was distributed to the Principals/ Head of Institutions affiliated with CBSE states that students will be required to score a minimum of 33% of maximum marks to be obtained in written assessment and internal examinations combined.

CBSE is the national board of education for private as well as public schools in India aimed at promoting and developing school education across India.  Currently, it is affiliated with 19,316 schools across India approximately, and 211 schools in 25 foreign countries.

A daily reports the comments of Anita Karwal on the relaxation: “To give relaxation to students, the board has decided to ease the passing criteria for Class 10 students from 2019”

Recently the Punjab School Education Board announced it will be following CBSE board pattern for school education in the state of Punjab. In February 2018, the Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh had made the same announcement for schools across the state.

The letter/notification issued by CBSE contains the following information:

  • To pass the exam each student is required to score 33% marks out of maximum marks for internal assessment and board written exam combined.

In case a candidate misses their internal assessment he or she will be given zero marks.

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